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About Annike Jorgensen

Annike's love for horses began at a very young age. She had her first horseback riding lesson when she was seven years old, and her parents knew they were in trouble by the smile plastered on her face. When she turned eleven, she bought her first horse, an eight-year-old sorrel mare. Penny was trained for western pleasure but not bred for it, so Annike turned her into an all-around horse. They went through a lot of ups and downs, especially since Penny had previously only known a slow life. You can imagine the emotions they went through together. They worked through it and showed all over Berrien County, including the fairgrounds. They showed in reining, ranch pleasure, trail, barrel racing, English pleasure, English equitation, halter, and showmanship. Working through these experiences began Annike's desire to train other horses and help other riders with their relationship with their horse. Annike decided she wanted to learn the Lyons method, and she graduated in the 2023 John & Josh Lyons Certification program. Her next adventure will be going back for the accreditation program. 


"Punishment as a training tool should be obsolete. your horse wants peace with you, and he'll adapt his life to achieve it." -John Lyons


My Goal

My goal is to help horses, and owners. I don't want to train the horse, and leave the owner confused on what to do. I offer weekly training at an affordable cost, and on select weekends, I do a weekend clinic to help you understand everything like how to use the new buttons on your horse. 

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